Mossad interrogates IRGC official behind militia weapon shipments

Israel’s Mossad has detained a senior IRGC official inside Iran and interrogated him regarding weapons transfers to Iran’s proxies across the region.

A video has surfaced of the interrogation where a man identifying himself as Yadollah Khedmati, deputy commander of the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) Logistics, expresses regret for his role in delivering weapons to Iran’s proxies in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, and Yemen, and exhorts other IRGC officials to refrain from taking part in similar activities.

Source: Brigadier General Ali Asghar Nowrouzi, the IRGC’s chief of logistics and a close friend of the late Ghasem Soleimani, the previous head of the Qods Force, appointed Khedmati as his deputy. In January 2020, the US murdered Soleimani in Baghdad.

Additionally, Khedmati informs his interrogators of Nowrouzi’s associations with the cargo airline Fars Air Qeshm. The airline has been charged with supplying Hezbollah with weapons during the Syrian Civil War.

The source added that Nowrouzi has overseen providing funding for the operations of the Qods Force through the IRGC’s Cooperatives Foundation, of which he is a board member, as well as supplying weaponry to Iran’s proxy groups throughout the region, including Syria.

Evidence of Israeli spies holding an IRGC agent inside Iran and recording confessions has now surfaced twice. Israeli media released a brief audio recording in May along with a picture of a guy identified as 52-year-old Iranian Mansour Rasouli. Rasouli claimed in the audio recording that the IRGC had dispatched him to Turkey to set up an operational network for the assassinations of an Israeli diplomat in Istanbul, a US general stationed in Germany, and a journalist in France.

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