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One of the Plainclothes Officers Who Beat Up the People Immigrates Abroad With His Family

Thursday, August 12, 2010

(Jaras) Jaras has heard talk indicating that Ali Haghtalab, the son of Commander Ahmad Haghtalab, Head of Security at the country’s airports, has immigrated abroad. A picture of him shooting people during the protests in 2009 has been published.

During protests against the presidential election results—especially during the November 4, 2009, rallies—Ali Haghtalab was among the plainclothes officers, and he shot at people.

His father, Commander Ahmad Haghtalab, once occupied with his job at the Leader’s House Guard, became head of security at the country’s airports. Jaras’ news source states that Ali Haghtalab went to Ukraine with his family on a business trip and will most likely reside there or in another country.

After last year’s events–the killing and abducting a great number of people who were protesting the election results–citizens have identified a list of assailants and shooters whose information is now in the hands of the press.

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