Officials confirm execution of political prisoners

The Ahwaz intelligence office has officially announced the execution of four Iranian-Arab political prisoners to their families, a local source reports.

The International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran quoted the source saying the execution of three brothers, Teh, Abbas and Nasser Heydarian, aged 28, 24 and 21 respectively, together with Ali Sharifi Naami, 25, was officially announced to their families by the Ahwaz intelligence office.

The four prisoners were arrested in April of 2011 in the Mollashieh neighbourhood, and the report indicates that they were subjected to severe torture and abuse.

The court had reportedly sentenced the four men to death for the charges of enmity against God and the alleged murder of a security officer.

Amir Moovai and Abbas Heydari, another two Arab political prisoners arrested at the same time, were respectively sentenced to 38 and 18 years in jail in Sari Prison.

So far, the bodies of the executed prisoners have not been handed over to their families.

The Ahwaz Arab community staged demonstrations last year in protest against unfavourable conditions in Khuzestan and discrimination against Arab-Iranians.

  Source: Radiozamaneh
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