Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Political Activist’s Hunger Strike Continues and More Pressure on Him




Hunger_Strike(Jaras) While for 17 days “Rahim Rashi” has been on hunger strike for civil rights, he is still at the Revolutionary Guards Intelligence Office’s jail in Urumiyeh. Besides danger to his health, more new restrictions have been put in place as to apply more pressure on him.

According to a Horana report, Rahim Rashi is 57 years old from the city of Mahabad. While he has been on hunger strike for 17 days, the people in charge at the Guards’ Intelligence Office have prohibited him from seeing his family.

In expressing worry about her father’s bad physical condition and his unknown fate in the Guards Intelligence Office’s prison, his daughter Sooran Rashi in her last interview stated, “After 17 days being on hunger strike and his unknown fate in prison, my father’s physical condition is in peril.”

She also pointed out that, “No matter how many times members of my family went to the Intelligence Office in Mahabad and the Guards’ Intelligence Office in Urumiyeh in order to see my father, no permission to visit has been issued to them by the people in charge of the prison.”

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