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Political prisoner one step closer to execution

March 4, 2011

Tehran-March 2, 2011
The family of death row political prisoner Hamid Qasemi Shal has announced that this Iranian-Canadian man is in danger of execution. They have asked international institutions and all those who can help not to let the ‘blood of an innocent person be spilled’.
Qasemi Shal has been in prison since June 13, 2008 and has been sentenced to death by the 29th branch of the Revolutionary Court on charges of espionage and having links to the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran. His sentence was upheld by the Supreme Court and he is on the verge of execution because his request for amnesty was rejected.
His sister says that her brother was not involved in any political activities and that there is no evidence that proves the charges brought against him which has led to the death sentence.


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