Political Prisoner Zahra Jabbari in Serious Condition


Political prisoner and member of a noble combatant family, Zahra Jabbari, was transferred from prison to the Aminabad psychiatric hospital due to high stress coming from the clerical dictatorship in Iran. She is now in serious condition.

Zahra Jabbari, who has a small child, was arrested two years ago during the unrest and was brutally physically and psychologically tortured. One of Khamenei’s headsmen pulled off her nails. She screamed that the cruel clerical dictatorship pulled off her nails, but the criminal head of the oppressive prison with utmost impudence responded that she pulled off her own nails.

Zahra Jabbari suffers from heart problems and rheumatism, and doctors say that she must receive medical care at the hospital. However, the headsmen of the inhuman cleric dictatorship transferred her to a psychiatric hospital instead of a regular hospital. Reports indicate that the family of this political prisoner protest against the regime and at the same time demand her to be taken to the hospital for proper treatment, yet the headsmen are still holding her up at Aminabad. The regime’s mercenaries didn’t even give Jabbari the clothes her family had brought for her.



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