Political prisoners in Gohardasht Prison put under extreme pressure

June 29, 2011

According to reports, prison officials have cut off political prisoners’ ‘fresh air’ time. They were also threatened that they would be transferred to solitary cells in the notorious cellblock 1. Officials had intentionally scheduled the political prisoners’ fresh air time to 3pm which is the hottest time of the day to put more pressure on them.
On the other hand, political prisoners who are on hunger strike are in poor health and two of them were taken to the prison infirmary yesterday and then brought back to their cell.
Political prisoners are isolated in a hall which is very warm and are denied minimum cooling facilities. There is no water cooler in their cellblock and they are forced to drink warm water. Despite the fact that [prison officials] took money from political prisoners more than a month ago to buy an air conditioner and refrigerator which was to be provided and installed for them, no measures have been taken to this end.
A number of prisoners are in very critical condition but they are denied serious treatment. Political prisoner Jafar Eqdami has been suffering from a muscle injury for more than a month and walks with a crutch. Political prisoners Allah Verdi Rouhi, Mashallah Haeri are suffering from a prostate tumor, heart and respiratory problems. (Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran – Jun. 27, 2011)



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