Prison authorities denying Hamed Rouhinezhad’s medical vacation

Despite suffering from weak-sighted and MS Hamed Rouhinezhad the exiled political prisoner in Zanjan prison has deprived of medical vacation.

According to a report, Hamed Rouhinezhad the exiled political prisoner in Zanjan prison suffering from weak-sighted and MS but the prison authorities denying his medical vacation.

Problems in his eyesight was realized when he passed Payame Noor University -PNU- entrance exam and was supposed to continue studying from prison and because of weak-sighted was unable to study. The doctors of the prison just recommended spectacles and the prosecutor has not granted medical furlough for this prisoner till now.

He was sentenced to 10 years imprisonment in exile in Zanjan prison and later his verdict changed to 11 years imprisonment but since last passover Eid with counting the passed imprisonment days his verdict reduced to 4 years and six months imprisonment.

Hamed Rouhinezhad with three of other asylum seekers in Arbil- Iraq, was arrested in April of 2009 a few months after a pre-coordinated return to Iran. They were arrested after the wave of public protests against the result of tenth presidential election and trialed in mass and unfair courts as they were supposed to do bombings and creating chaos in the country.

As a shock on public thoughts Mohammadreza Ali Zamani and Arash Rahmanipour two of the arrested ones were hanged in January 2010 in Tehran and then the verdicts of some others such as Hamed Rouhinezhad changed to imprisonment.

Source: HRANA

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