Reformist activist Abdolhamid Moafian detained in Fars Province

A reformist figure in Iran’s Fars Province has been detained, sources say.

According to opposition site emruznews, Abdolhamid Moafian, who heads the Coordinating Council of Reformists in Fars Province, was arrested on Wednesday April 24th.

It is still not clear where he is being held and his family have reportedly been under pressure not to divulge news of his arrest.

Moafian is said to have been a staunch supporter of former president Mohammad Khatami in Fars Province. A great number of political figures across the country, including in Fars Province, have in recent weeks been calling on Khatami to run in the upcoming presidential election on 14 June 2013.

Jamileh Karimi, a former advisor to the governor of Fars Province during the presidency of Mohammad Khatami, was also arrested recently. She has been solitary confinement ever since her detention, localsources say.

Another dissident figure in Fars, Masoud Sepehr, was arrested in November 2011 and held in solitary confinement for four months before being released.

Source: Irangreenvoice

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