Reformist journalist Mohammad Kimiai arrested in Qazvin

Author and journalist Mohammad Kimiai has been arrested, sources told the Green Voice of Freedom.

Kimiai, who has worked with a great number of reformist publications in the past, was arrested last Tuesday in the city of Qazvin by agents from Iran’s ministry of intelligence. A number of his personal belongings and documents were also confiscated after his home was searched.

The journalist’s family have been told that Kimiai is under interrogation and will be in detention until his trial date. He reportedly suffers from heart problems.

Last week, security forces raided the office of pro-reform weekly Hadise Qazvin, which Kimiai had been working with, and detained the publication’s staff including editor-in-chief Rahim Sarkar. While the staff were released after a three-hour interrogation, Sarkar is still in prison.

Source: Iran Green Voice

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