Friday, October 15, 2021

Regime’s gangs killed 4 prisoners and wounded 15 in Gohardasht Prison

At the Gohardasht Prison, a gang of prisoners enforcing the orders of henchmen of the mullahs’ regime assaulted the protesting prisoners, killing 4 and wounding at least 15 prisoners.

By the arrangement and under the direction of Mardani, the criminal prison head and his deputy, Khadem, the dangerous gangs that carry out the orders of the prison’s criminal officials, attacked the protesting prisoners on Tuesday July 5th in the area 18 of section 6 of the Gohardasht Prison. This attack led to the death of Malek Malekpour, Mojtaba Kalani, Mohammad Hajian, and another unidentified person.

According to Iran Khabar on July 6, the prison guards did not make the slightest attempt to even try to pretend that they want to stop the attack.

Previously, a similar attack was arranged and ordered by Mardani and Khadem along with Faraji-Nejad, the prison’s head of intelligence; the goal of that attack was to eliminate prisoners who were protesting the anti human and suppressive policies of the regime.

Currently, there are at least three Kurdish speaking political prisoners in that prison who, in protest, have been on hunger strike for more than a month, Iran Khabar reported.



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