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Regime fears eruption of more uprising in Ahwaz and nearby cities

April 21, 2011

After the uprising of the desperate people of Ahwaz city, the atmosphere in the city continues to be highly charged and the religious dictatorship has stationed large numbers of suppressive forces at various points throughout the city, enforcing an undeclared martial law.

The government has also stationed a large number of suppressive forces in the nearby cities of Hamidiya, Falahiya (Shadgan), and Khalafabad to prevent new protests and uprisings. The identities of four of the people who were killed during the Ahwaz uprising have been determined. They are Abdul-Rahman Qassem al-Badawi, 30, Ali Nissi, 22, Basim Abiyat son of Abbud and Mohammad Moarrefi son of Abdul-Zahra.



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