Social networks report that two secret prisons are currently being run by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) and the Ministry of Intelligence (MOIS). Allegedly, they are used to eliminate the Rouhini  regime’s opponents. 

One is referred to as Prison No. 59, which is reported to be the oldest IRGC prison, and is located in Eshratabad (Vali-Asr) Camp, east of Tehran. It is located in the center of a large yard surrounded by walls on four sides.  The administration building is on the north side, and a security guards room lies on the west side, where men’s cells are also located.  the women’s cells are on the east side.

The prison’s entrance is on the northwest corner of the yard,  and a door on a southeast angle inside the yard lies opposite a short stairway leading to the basement, where torture beds and equipment lie in wait.

The cells have high ceilings and very small windows that open into a dimly lit corridor. It becomes absolutely dark when the light is turned off. These cells, and the prison as a whole, are frightful. Voices, particularly from coming from the basement, can’t be heard outside of the prison. This prison is used exclusively by the IRGC .  No other agency has control over it, much like the IRGC Prison 66 which is located in the basement of Qasr-e Firouzeh (Kolahdouz) Camp.

The other prison, referred to as the “Zoo”is located underground, in Alborz Province, northwest of Tehran.. It is made up of three sections: cells, microbiology lab and the chemistry lab. Prisoners are said to be interrogated and detained in this place, and finally tested in different ways.  As far as can be told, no prisoner comes out of this place, and there are special furnaces located on the premises. 

Two townships are being built near the ”Zoo”, in an area southwest of Karaj near Mehrshahr and leading to Mahdasht. However, none of the owners of the townships have been allowed to dig any wells in this area and any form of excavation is totally prohibited in this region.


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