Student activist publishes letter from her cell on despicable conditions in Qarchak Prison

“Degradation of man and humanity” – Student activist publishes letter from her cell in Evin on despicable conditions of imprisonment in Qarchak Prison in Varamin.

Shabnam Madadzade expressed concern over the transfer of two female political prisoners to this prison, as part of a plan to gradually transfer all female political prisoners there. Madadzade, who was imprisoned in Qarchak Prison, was transferred to Evin Prison after having launched a serious protest of impossible prison conditions there. Madadzade, who is serving the fourth year of her sentence for political-social activity, testifies to the despicable conditions at Qarchak Prison. “I am writing to you as a witness who witnessed those terrible days, where death hung its robe on the wall. The place where you cannot breathe. The dark cells with the high ceiling. No windows or natural light. 200 people imprisoned in every cell. Everything  explodes. Nerves are tattered. I saw with my own eyes the degradation of man and humanity…”

Source: Iran Daily Brief

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