Sunday Times: Iran Started a Vast Smuggling Network to Bypass Sanctions

(Iran Briefing): On July 3, 2011, the British newspaper The Sunday Times published a memo declaring that Iran is using an extensive smuggling network in order to bypass sanctions. This finding comes from a 75-page report written by Security Council experts, against Russia and China’s wishes, regarding Iran’s atomic and missile program. Based on this report, Iran has used a vast smuggling network in order to satisfy its technological needs and started bogus companies abroad to acquire the material for making bombs and advancing the nuclear program.

The Sunday Times emphasized that Iran has smuggled most of its material from Italy, Turkey, and South Korea. The Security Council report highlights the fact that 300 containers of explosive material were discovered on an Iran-bound cargo ship from Italy. This shipment was hidden among dry milk boxes. Likewise in Singapore a shipment of aluminum powder (material used for building explosive material) was seized from an Iranian cargo ship.

The article reports that Iran currently has about 4 tons of enriched uranium, which is enough to make an atomic bomb. The report adds that Iran was able to build long-range (max. 1250 miles) missiles without help from Russia or North Korea.


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