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Survivors from recent prison massacare at Ghezel Hessar transfered to Solitary confinement in Rajai Prison

March 19, 2011

Transferring mass number of remained survived prisoner from the recent massacre in Ghezel Hessar prison to solitary confinement cell in Gohar Dasht prison in Karaj.

In recent reports received by “Human Rights and Democracy Activist in Iran”, there has been indication of many prisoners who were remained alive from recent attack in Ghezel Hessar, have been transferred to solitary confinement of Sepah and Gohar Dasht prison and are under going torture and investigation.
Since Wednesday March 16th more than 100 prisoners have been moved to Gohar Dasht Prison Confinement cells, which is under control of Intelligent Service Agents. From the moment of their transfer they have been under physical and emotional turture. Also on Wednesday march 16th, Twenty prisoners and on Thursday March 17th, Ninteen prisoners have been transferred to solitary confinement in Branch 5. Since these transfers took place, the Intelligent service agent took complete control over Prison.
One of the prisoners who were moved from section 2 of Ghezel Hessar to Branch 5 of Gohardasht is Mousa Malek.
It is important to note that on evening of Tuesday March 15th prisoners of section 2 and 3 in Ghezel Hessar have been brutally attacked by the guard and security of the prison, after they request a review on their inhuman situation in prison. Most of these prisoners were awaiting their death sentence. They have been attacked by fire arm. More than a dozen have been killed and over 100 have been injured.
Instead of investigating this brutal attac, Jafari Dolat Abadi, the D.A in Tehran, threat the prisoners to execution. (Check this part)
Human Rights and Democracy Activist in Iran condemn attacks, killing, and transferring of the defenseless captives by security and guards who took the order from Judges of Supreme Leader Ali Khamenehee. They also request an investigation by the United Nations and other Human Rights Organizations to be sent to Ghezal Hessar Prison.
Human Rights and Democracy Activist in Iran
March 18, 2011
This report has been sent to:
United Nations Secretary General
Amnesty International
European Human Rights of European Union


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