Tuesday, October 19, 2021

The Guards’ Nominee for the Next Presidency


A group of Revolutionary Guard (IRGC) commanders and representatives of the supreme leader in the force met with the secretary general of Iran’ supreme national security council Saeed Jalili last week. An informed source told Rooz that the commanders had asked Jalili to prepare himself to run in the next presidential elections.

According to this informed official, IRGC commanders believe that Goftemane Sevom Tir group, which at one time viewed Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as its leader, still enjoyed vast popular support and therefore had to be used.

At this meeting, the head of IRGC’s political office commander Yadollah Javani described the conditions in Iran in these words: “At the next presidential election the forces of sedition (the name that the Iranian regime gives to the Green Movement) will again try to revive themselves by participating in the elections. Even if they try to boycott the elections, they shall not do this passively and will most certainly present a radical candidate hoping that he will be disqualified so that they can again launch a pandemonium.” He continued, “Our most serious competitors in the next presidential election shall be groups of Principlists (groups that proclaim to follow the radical ideals of the 1979 revolution). This includes the representative of Mr. Ahmadinejad who will of course not run on a Principlist ticket, and others such as Qalibaf.”

Javadi laid out the force’s strategy in these terms: “Ahmadinejad’s representative must be easily disqualified and not allowed to enter the elections. But others such as Qalibaf must be driven out of the race through proper planning. I think Qalibaf’s zeal must be eliminated prior to the elections and not allow them to make it to the election campaigns and television interviews. This is because as mayor of Tehran he has made accomplishments putting him in a good position. We must act in a manner that will not allow Qalibaf to come to the actual voting. If he does however, then the competition will be hard. We must come up with a fundamental plan for Qalibaf.”

After discussing various issues and discussions among the IRGC commanders, Saeed Jalili said, “I had also been contacted in the past by the supreme leader’s house and I have been pondering over this since. I have been a follower of the supreme leader my whole life, so if he calls on me to do this, I cannot turn him down. But I also have some conditions. I believe that conditions must be prepared prior to the elections so that we can rapidly get rid of the reformist for the future elections, so that we can remain confident in this regard. At the same time, we must ensure that individuals such as Qalibaf do not make it to the scene. If they do, then things will be difficult.”

Explaining how this preparation may be accomplished, Jalili said, “If our friends can plan things in a manner that Jebhe Paydari (the Steadfast Front) succeeds in the Majlis elections and attains a strong majority in the parliament, many issues will have been resolved. Then, we can confidently get engaged in the presidential election. I disagree in starting my political and media activities now because the more secret the activities, the greater will be the chances of their success. So I kindly request you to now only talk about the criteria. No matter what, simple living, supporting thevelayate faghih (supreme religious ruler) and battling imperialists are the issues that the supreme leader has identified. It should suffice to tell these criteria of the supreme leader to the public. God willing, if He give me a longer life then we shall sit and talk about how to implement these goals (of the leader).”

Jalili ended his remarks by saying that in his 32 years of service he had refrained from advertising his work or himself in the media. “But I too am dedicated to the revolution and the velayat and it is the kindness of friends who believe that I deserve this position which I consider an honor. It is not possible to enter (the race) right now. God willing these sessions shall continue and I shall remain at your service and if ultimately the supreme leader orders me to participate in the elections, I shall obey and we shall win,” Jalili concluded.



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