The Iranian IRGC terrorist activities discussed by Saudi Arabia and Jordan

Coinciding with the end of Mohammed bin Salman’s visit to Amman, Saudi Arabia and Jordan announced in a joint statement that they support international efforts to prevent the Iranian government from acquiring nuclear weapons.

During the visit, the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia met with King Abdullah II to discuss a wide range of issues, including those related to Iran.

A joint statement by Saudi Arabia and Jordan on Wednesday stressed the need to continue efforts to end “destabilizing activities” of Iran and its terrorist-designated Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) in the region and to prevent the Iranian government from interfering in the internal affairs of Arab countries.

The joint Riyadh-Amman statement also stressed that efforts to combat “extremism” and “terrorism” in the region must be strengthened.

A statement issued Tuesday by Prince Mohammed bin Salman and the Egyptian president Abdul Fattah al-Sisi also referred to “destabilizing Iranian government” activities in the region.

The Iranian government and more specifically the IRGC is accused of endangering the “security of international trade lines” by supporting militant groups in the region.

The statement also stressed the need to counter the Iranian government’s efforts to acquire nuclear weapons and create a Middle-East free of nuclear weapons and weapons of mass destruction.

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