The last detailed report on the conditions of Darvish Gonabadi in Kovar, Iran


InsideofIran – Reports from Kovar, show the presence of heavy military and security forces around the city.

Witnesses have reported “the security forces are controlling and restricting the movement of residents travelling around the city”. The city is under Martial Law.

Also in Kovar, heavy military vans with machine guns on top of them and ambulances have been parading around the city. Other Dervishes have been prohibited from entering Kovar, they have been stopped by security forces on their way to Kovar, their pictures were taken and their identity cards have been confiscated.

Dervishes weekly ceremony held in heavy security atmosphere in Kovar :

Although the Under Cover Security Forces and the Military Forces of the regime have created a hostile military and inflammatory atmosphere in the city of Kovar, Gonabadi Dervishes held their weekly ceremony with pride.

Dervishes have been arrested in Kovar:

In the late hours of Saturday 3rd of September 2011, the Undercover Military Forces started to arrest Dervishes. Without having any arrest warrant from the court, Mr Shahbaz Zareh and Amanallah Cheraghalis’ houses were raided. However, since  they were not in the house at that moment, their fathers’ Mr Manocher Zareh and Hassan-Gholi Cheraghi were arrested instead of them.

In addition, on Sunday 4th of September at 5 o’clock in the morning, thirteen under cover security forces along with military soldiers, attacked Mr Abdoul Reza Arayeshs’ house, arrested him and took him to an unknown place. Eleven more dervishes were arrested in the same day.

1)  Hojat Valizadeh from Kovar

2)  Kazem Hussainzadeh from Savestan

3)  Hojat Keshavarz from Sarvestan

4)  Rahim Pour-Rosram from Kazeroun

5)  Yadoullah Parsian from Nourabad

6)  Ali Asghar Saeeid from Sarvestan

7)  Nasroullah Haidari from Nourabad

8)  Saeeid Karimai from Karaj

9)  Masoud Ahmadi from Karaj

10) Amin Safari from Karaj

11) Iman Karami from Shiraz

The regime Security Forces also raided and inspected 4 other Gonabadi Dervishes’ houses from Kazem Dehghan, Gholamali Bairami, Mohammad Ai Sadeghi,Mehrdad Keshavars.

In all  these attacks to Dervishes’ houses by the plain cloths security forces, personal documents and cultural instruments were confiscated.

Arrest of Gonabadi dervishes lawyers

In the early hours of Sunday 4th of September, the Governor of Kovar invited Mr Gholam Reza Shirazi (a high school teacher and an assistant professor) to his office, in order to discuss the current issues of the city and the attacks to Gonabadi Dervishes. Mr Shirazi accepted the Governors request. He, along with two of the lawyers of Gonabadi Dervishes; Amir Islami and Afshin Karampour, went to the Governors office. However when they arrived at the Governors office, they were arrested. There is no news about their situation and  the place where they are kept. It must be noted that Mr Amir Islami is suffering from heart problems.

A numbers of Gonabadi Dervishes, from Sirjan and Shahre Kurd, went to visit the Dervishes who had been injured in the attacks by the under cover Security Forces in Kovar. However they were all arrested on their way to Kovar and taken to an unknown place.

The arrested Dervishes from Shahre Kurd:

Ahmad Reza Hossaini, Akbar Ahmadi, Mehdi azizi, Mohammad Mousavi, Jamal Hossaini

The arrested Dervishes from Sirjan:

Khosro Dari, Hassan Waisgholi, Houssain Assadi, Majid Motaghiyan, Hamid Pour-Rezai.

Amongst the injured Dervishes on Sunday, 4 were shot by plain cloths Security Forces. All 4 came from Sarbestan. Currently one of them is in a very critical condition.

Those injured by gun shot :

1) Ibrahim Fazli,

2) Asghar Karimi,

3) Mohammad Ali Saadi,

4) Vahid Banani (who is in critical condition )

Also Amir Housain Mohammadi and Farshad Mir-Hadi are badly injured having been beaten with baton and electric shockers. They are currently in hospital with handcuffs on. All those who have visited them in hospital have been arrested.

Names of those who visited the injured in hospital and who were arrested:

Hamid Pourreza Gholi, Khousro Dari. Majid Motaghiyan, Houssain Asadi Feraidouni, Hassan Waist Gholi, Hamid Pahrizgar, Hekmat Naderi.

In addition, in other cities of Iran, plain clothed Security Forces attacked Dervishes’ houses and arrested the dervishes. One of them is Nossrat Tabasi ,who was arrested last night in Tehran. There is no news of his whereabouts.

To summarise the attacks on Gonabadi Dervishes on Sunday 4th of September 2011:

On Monday 5th of September 1:00am, a number of plain cloths Security Forces attacked the house of one of the directors of the Majzooban Noor News Website and without having any permission from the court they arrested:

1)Hamid Moradi


3)Reza Entesari,

4)Alireza Roushan,

5)Mehdi Osanloo,

6) Mehdi Housaini,

7) Ali Astaraki,

8) Mostafa Abdi,

9) Mehran Rahbari.

There is no news about where they have been taken.

These attacks and arrests of Dervishes in different cities and on the Majzooban Nour News Website are the continuation of the attacks on the Dervishes in Kovar.

More than 50 Dervishes have been arrested, transferred to Shiraz Police Station and are not allowed to have any visitors.

Monday 5th of September 2011



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