The multimillion-dollar secret unit in Gaza Qasem Soleimani put together

Private sources have informed Al-Arabiya, that before his death, Qasem Soleimani, commander of the Quds Force branch of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps, had established a special unit to develop the military capabilities of Hamas.

According to this information, Qasem Soleimani had secretly sent money to Hamas to develop its military and capabilities to be able to bypass Israel’s Iron Dome and more.

The sources also mentioned that there is a specialized team to develop missiles that includes 7 people, including Iranians, Lebanese, and a Syrian. They added, that Iran has established an underground Hamas communications unit and weapons development laboratories.

They pointed out that an Iranian official in the Quds Force visited the Hamas factories about five times, the last of which was in January 2021, revealing that Iran has trained 25 Hamas military commanders in Tehran.

The sources revealed to Al-Arabiya that Iranian and Palestinian engineers have worked during the last period to develop drones to carry explosives, adding that this missile development unit, had developed the latest missiles used by Hamas to target Tel Aviv.

The sources confirmed that the missiles were fully developed inside the Strip, and that Iran has transferred its expertise to Hamas military officials.

An Iranian diplomat in the region has also said millions of dollars were handed over to Hamas representatives almost every month, either carried into Gaza or neighbouring countries.

One Iranian security official said Hamas now had at least three underground factories to produce rockets in Gaza, confirming what the sources had claimed earlier.

“We were extremely surprised by Hamas’ capacities this time around. They had long-distance rockets they didn’t have before. That is all down to Iran,” said a senior European official on condition of anonymity.

Source: Al Arabiya
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