Vahid Asghari’s Death Sentence Was Confirmed

The death sentence of Vahid Asghari which was rejected by the branch six of Supreme Court was confirmed again by Tehran’s Revolutionary Court and referred to the Supreme Court.

Vahid Asghari is an Iranian blogger and an information technology student who was sentenced to death by the Islamic Republic’s government in 2012. In spite of many problems in his case and lack of his presence in the court, Judge Salavati confirmed his verdict again unlawfully and sent back his case to the Supreme Court.

Studying in India, Asghari was arrested in 2008 at Tehran Imam Khomeini International Airport and hold in custody since. He was sentenced by Abdolqassem Salavati, president of the 15th chamber of the Revolutionary court for allegedly hosting a pornography network.

Asghari has also been accused of spying in collaboration with blogger Hossein Derakshan, and wrote that he was forced under torture to state that Hossein was an agent of the CIA.

Source: HRANA

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