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violence forced upon Dervishes in Fars province by Iran government forces and illegal arrest of atto


Inside of Iran – Following the violence forced upon Dervishes in the province of Fars by government forces of Iran and the illegal arrest of their attorneys is still ongoing at this moment.

Additional reports of the last few days:

Ibrahim Fazli, one of the injured Sufi dervishes who were shot directly by the security forces upon entering the town of Kavar was taken to hospital. After receiving quick treatment, he was taken to an unknown location by the intelligence service. He is now transferred to Rajai hospital in Shiraz once more.
It is worth mentioning that because of his shot wounds he needs special care and concerns over his health are growing.

Other dervishes were transferred from hospital to unknown location:

Mohammad Aly Saadi, Asqhar Karimi, Ibrahim Fazli and vahid Banani were all directly shot at by the security forces on 4th September.
They were all severely injured and unfortunately Vahid Banani lost his life 6th September due to the injuries.
At 8 pm on Tuesday 13th September, Mohammad Ali Saadi and Asqhar Karimi, who both suffer from serious injuries due to the incidents that took place in Kavar, were taken from the Rajai hospital to an unknown location by civil cloth agents.

Farzad Darvish is another one of those arrested in recent days:

On 11th September, civil cloth agents and security forces raided the home of Farzad Darvish in the city of Sarvestan and without any juridical paper arrested him. He was also taken to an unknown location.

Mrs. Farzaneh Noori, one of the Sufi dervishes in the city of Shiraz and the mother of one of the administrators of the news site “Majzooban noor” was taken from her home by civil cloth agents and security forces without any legal papers and she too was taken to an unknown place.

Farhad Noori’s son said: “The government agents came to our house in the middle of the night of  11th September and after vandalizing our house, they arrested my mother without any legal papers and confiscated our books, our pictures of Sufi masters and my computer.

He continued: “Unfortunately, my mother has not contacted us yet and we don’t even know where she was taken to, but it seems as if the intelligence service of Shiraz in the division of “Pelak 100” is behind the arrest. My mother was also injured during the destruction of the Sufi gathering place in the city of Qom in 2006 where approximately 1500 dervishes were arrested at the same time.”

Injured dervishes are denied their health insurance:

The Dervishes who were injured from the bullets of the security forces were denied their health insurance. Injured dervishes by the recent shootings when taken to Rajai hospital in Shiraz for surgery were denied their health insurance. The hospital refused to approve their health insurance due to the pressure from the government agents.

Another lawyer of the dervishes was arrested:

Farshid Yadollahi Farsi, one of the lawyers of dervishes, was arrested on Sunday 11th September and moved to an unknown location.

Atefeh Amiri, wife of Farshid Yadollahi says about the arresting of her husband: “On Saturday 19:00 civilian cloth agents climbed the walls of the house of my husband’s relatives where we were guests. Afterwards they broke the front door and entered. Beating my husband, they put handcuffs on him and by threats and violence they took some other persons. They turned the house upside down and confiscated their laptop, identity cards, mobile phones, books and pictures. Until now, I have not heard anything from my husband and I have no clue where he is held and no one is answering my questions.”

Atefeh Amiri continued: “Mr. Yadollahi was one of the lawyers who took the case of the destruction of the Sufi gathering place in the city of Qom and because of this he was arrested and sentenced. He was also sentenced to 6 month in prison after defending the rights of dervishes in the island of Kish who were forced to close down their gathering place and many of them were arrested without any charges. He also represented dervishes in other cities as well.”

It is important to mention that until now, the location where Farshid Yadollahi and Mrs Farzaneh Noori are being held is not known.

A number of Dervishes were released on bail:

On Saturday 10th September, 14 of the arrested Dervishes were released on bail from the Adel Abad prison in Shiraz.
11 more dervishes detained in the Adel Abad prison were also set to be released on bail which they have not paid. Also there is no information on Hossein Veis Qoly, Khosrow Dorry, Hossein Asadi, Majid Motaqian.

The released Dervishes on bail are:

Said Karimian, Karaj. Abbas Haqverdy, Karaj. Masod Ahmady, Karaj. Nemat Kazemi, Karaj. Asqhar Zarei, Karaj. Akbar Ahmadi, Najafabad. Ahmad Reza Heidary, Najafabad.
Mahdi Azizi, Najafabad. Mohamad Mosavi, Najafabad. Mansor Parva, Yasoj. Esfandyar Mohamadi Zadeh, Yasoj. Mohamad Keshavarzi, Noorabad. Pejman Kashefi, Abadeh. Salar Parhizkar, Shiraz.

Dervishes set to be released on bail but are still in prison:

Hojat Vali Zadeh, Sarvestan, bail 20 million Toman bail (approximately 13596 Euros). Yadollah Parsayan, Noorabad, bail 13596 Euros. Kazem Hossein Zadeh, Noorabad, bail 13596 Euros. Abbas Pour Rostam, Kazeron, bail 13596 Euros. Aly Asqhari Saadi, Sarvestan, bail 13596 Euros. Aly Reza Saadi, Sarvestan, bail 3399 Euros. Davood Mehrad, Karaj, bail 3399 Euros. Iman Karami, Shiraz, bail 3399 Euros. Mohamad Reza Rezai, Eslamshahr, bail 3399 Euros. Hekmatollah Naderi, Shahr Kord, bail 3399 Euros. Mahram Aly Jalil Khalife, Karaj, bail 3399 Euros.


According to recent reports, the Lawyers of the dervishes who are themselves arrested are detained in division 5 of Evin prison and their case is being processed.
The lawyers who have been arrested and transferred to Evin prison in Tehran are under psychological and physical torture.


Yasser Jalali Amlashi says about the latest legal status of Sufi prisoners:

Until this day, 14th September, we have no clear information about the legal status or health conditions of the Dervishes. Only due to the follow ups done by me and my colleagues Mr.
Said Qolamian and Dr. Harsini, we have been able to exchange our law license for the cases of some of the dervishes who are, Hamidreza Moradi Sarvestani, Reza Entesari, Alyreza Roshan, Aly Karami, Mostafa Abdi, Mehran Rahbari, Aly Moazami, Nosrat Tabasi, Mahdi Hosseini, Aly Astorki and Mahdi Osanlo. Neither the lawyers of the imprisoned dervishes nor their family have been able to meet with the dervishes.
For this reason we have no information about their status. Their case is still under investigation and so we are not able to proceed without the permission of  their interrogator. Until now, we can only represent the Dervishes on paper. We still have no information about their case and the location where they are being held. It is worth mentioning that none of the family members or lawyers have been able to meet with the imprisoned Sufi Dervishes in Tehran and Shiraz and the efforts for receiving information about their health and location have not been successful.



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