Warsaw Conference : A Thorn on Iran ‘s Side

Warsaw Conference: A Thorn on Iran’s Side

Warsaw Conference: A Thorn on Iran’s Side

Why has the Warsaw conference, planned for next month in Poland’s capital, has frightened the Iranian regime so much.



Warsaw Conference: A Thorn on Iran’s Side
Warsaw Conference: A Thorn on Iran’s Side


The conference, known as the Ministerial to Promote a Future of Peace and Security in the Middle East, will address “terrorism and extremism, missile development and proliferation, maritime trade and security, and threats posed by proxy groups across the region,” according to a statement from the U.S. State Department.

The clerical regime knows full well that the days of “appeasement” policy are numbered. The days that the West were willing to go out of its way to please the Iranian regime are over.

Iran’s Foreign Minister, Javad Zarif, criticized the Polish government on January 11th on Twitter, writing: “Those who attended last US anti-Iran show are either dead, disgraced or marginalized. And Iran is stronger than ever. Polish Govt can’t wash the shame: while Iran saved Poles in WWII, it now hosts desperate anti-Iran circus.”

The Iranian Foreign Ministry summoned Poland’s Charge d’Affaires Wojciech Unolt on January 13th over an “anti-Iranian conference” that Warsaw is hosting, according to Iranian state media.

In a speech in Cairo, Egypt on January 10, Secretary Pompeo outlined the Trump administration’s Middle East policy and spoke extensively of the U.S. “campaign to stop Iran’s malevolent influence and actions against this region and the world.”

“The nations of the Middle East will never enjoy security, achieve economic stability, or advance the dreams of its peoples if Iran’s revolutionary regime persists on its current course,” Pompeo said.

The Iranian regime’s predicament speaks volumes. The first sparks of 2017/2018 nationwide protests in Iran which according to regime’s officials mushroomed into some 160 cities across the country, soon throwing the whole nation into a social turbulence; something that has never been seen in the history of the theocratic regime in Iran.



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