We condemn cyber spying; catastrophe of the Islamic Regime


Rahana – Human Rights House of Iran declares the recent acts of spying on the Iranian citizens on the Internet as being vicious and barbaric. This is another step on the part of this regime to create an unsafe atmosphere and impede on the freedom of its citizens, now while they use the Internet 
Creating an unsafe public atmosphere and even worse, obstructing the basic right of all human beings, which is to at the very least be able to safely communicate in their private lives, is one of the ugliest actions of the Islamic regime of Iran, and this will be forever registered in it’s human rights report card. The arrests, tortures, and executions of people with opposing views are happening on one hand, while on another hand an unsafe atmosphere of fear has been created where government agents illegally enter citizens’ homes and private residences without warrants. Citizens are bullied, harassed, and arrested in public using the excuse of disapproval for what they are wearing, their make-up, hairstyle etc. These are all acts of gross disregard for human rights that the Islamic Republic has committed itself to, yet ignores. Now with the recent revelations about spying on the Internet, it is clear that this regime has no respect or boundaries when it comes to obstructing the basic human rights of it’s citizens. Human Rights House of Iran regards this news, officially published by the government of Holland regarding Iran’s cyber spying, to be a serious and dangerous offense. Human Rights House of Iran declares that this regime’s recent stunt of invasion of privacy in order to identify citizens and monitor their activities on the Internet is grossly barbaric, and therefore condemns this regime for it’s new tactic of derailing its citizens’ hopes of existing in a safe atmosphere and a free society. Human Rights House of Iran condemns the regime of Iran and declares it responsible for the complete deprivation of privacy for of all websites in Iran, along with stealing the passwords of all of its citizens. This cyber warfare is considered a direct attack and a war against freedom. All countries that have agreed to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, of which Iran is a signatory, have pledged that they will “not engage in invading the privacy of their citizens” and all citizens will have “the right to seek, receive and disseminate information and ideas without frontiers.” Human Rights House of Iran is asking the government of Iran to accept it’s responsibilities and stop this attack on cyber security. Furthermore Human Rights House of Iran is asking that all human rights agencies implicate Iran for it’s gross violations of basic human rights in this unprecedented attack on hundreds of thousands of internet sights in the country and to make an inquiry about the regime’s actions. All the individuals who took part in generating and executing this scheme are attackers of human rights therefore their actions must be investigated by human rights agencies. Furthermore Human Rights House of Iran declares this invasion to not only be against the citizens of Iran, but also a direct threat to the security of websites all over the world. Therefore it is imperative that international organizations investigate this cyber warfare and present their findings to international judicial authorities.



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