Widespread Detentions of Ahwazi Activists Mark Anniversary of 2005 Crackdown

Iranian authorities have detained at least 26 people in the city of Ahwaz and its surroundings in the southwestern province of Khuzestan during the weeks leading up to the April 15 anniversary of a 2005 protest and subsequent crackdown.

The International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran called for the immediate release of all detainees. Between late March and April 16, according to the European Ahwazi Human Rights Organisation (EAHRO), Iranian security and intelligence agents detained 26 activists to prevent the commemoration of the April 15 anniversary.

On 15 April 2005, widespread demonstrations broke out in various neighborhoods of Ahwaz in protest against ethnic discrimination and government policies which lead to substantial dislocation of Arab-Iranians and impoverishment of local communities. At the time, Iranian authorities arrested hundreds of protestors, and since then they have responded to local grievances with a heavy-handed policy of repression, detentions, torture, and even executions of activists.

EAHRO has provided the names of the 25 men and 1 woman detained over the past several weeks:

1. Jabbar Yabbari (45), Ahwazi rights activist and father of six, arrested in late March on a street.

2. Fawwaz Hmoud Jabdra Shemiri (45), father of four, Al Bedwan tribe and Sunni cleric, arrested 16 April 2012.

3. Ahmed Sawari (25), son of Abdul Wahed, arrested 9 April 2012.

4. Sadeq (Sadegh) Sharhani (30), son of Ibadi, arrested 9 April 2012.

5. Hmoud Sawari (25), son of Rahim, arrested 9 April 2012.

6. Nabi Sawari (42), son of Hassan, arrested 9 April 2102.

7. Aqil (Aghil) Sawari (30), son of Rahim, arrested 9 April 2012.

8. Hamoud Sayyahi (30), arrested 9 April 2012.

9. Syed Nabi Mousawi (26), son of Syed Jasim, arrested 9 April 2012.

10. Fadil Sawari, son of Haj Abed, Business owner, arrested 13 April 2012.

11. Yusef Manbouhi, son of Zayer, arrested 12 April 2012.

12. Qasim (Ghasim) Marwani (25), son of Hamid Kadim.

13. Syed Mohamad Mousawi (28).

14. Syed Ali Mousawi.

15. Shehab Bayt Sayyah.

16. Syed Mohammed Mousawi, son of Qassim

17. Ali Kaabi, son of Ighlam, arrested 12 April 2012. (His brother and brother-in-law have previously been executed in Iran.)

18. Mohammed Saedi, son of Abdulsadeh, arrested 14 April 2012.

19. Ahmed Mashaali, arrested on 14 April 2012.

20. Maher Mousawi, arrested 14 April 2102.

21. Khadijeh Alboshokeh, wife of Maher Mousawi, arrested 14 April 2102.

22. Mohsen Ibaiyat, arrested 14 April 2012.

23. Nasser Moslemzadeh, arrested 14 April 2012.

24. Salman Sayyahi, arrested 14 April 2012.

25. Sajjad Dahaimi, arrested 14 April 2012.

26. Sadeq (Sadegh) Farajallah Kaab, arrested 14 April 2012.

Source: iranhumanrights

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