Yemen disrupts Iranian IRGC-Houthi illegal smuggling operations

According to analysts in Yemen, Tehran and the Iranian IRGC are continuing to smuggle narcotics and weapons to its Houthi proxies in Yemen to destabilize the country and the surrounding area and gain control over important sea routes and straits.

However, local people’s cooperation and a monitoring and tracking operation that was started at the beginning of July have helped anti-narcotics authorities in Shabwa province do their bit to thwart Iran’s attempts.

On July 30, anti-narcotics authorities detained a “dangerous” drug smuggling group and confiscated a significant number of illegal substances, a top official reported.

According to Yemen TV, security forces carried out a separate operation in Marib province on July 20 and confiscated wireless communication equipment, a significant amount of hashish, and weapons that were destined for the Houthis.

Former Yemeni defense minister Mohammed al-Maqdashi claimed that the Iranian IRGC (Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps) continues to sponsor and support the Houthis with money, technology, ballistic missiles, drones, and the smuggling of supplies of oil and narcotics.

During a field inspection of the Red Sea sector Coast Guard on July 22, he said that this amounted to an effort to destabilise Yemen and the surrounding area and establish Iranian control over important sea routes and straits.

According to political analyst Mahmoud al-Taher of Al-Mashareq, Iran’s ongoing smuggling of weapons, technology, and narcotics to its forces in the area aims to deplete the security capabilities of the Gulf nations.

By aiding insurgencies and smuggling narcotics into Gulf societies, it aims to demoralise them and cause internal strife in an effort to undermine their morality and security.

According to economist Faris al-Najjar, the Iranian IRGC “sees this as one of its missions, to help its militia,” therefore the smuggling of drugs and weapons to the Houthis “is happening regularly and will not stop.”

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