Sunday, October 17, 2021

IRGC Organized an Exhibition of New IT Products Inaugurated 50 MoU

Sepahnews agency report, citing defence ministry sources, said that an exhibition of indigenously developed IT products organized by the Electronic Technologies Company of Iran was inaugurated today in Tehran. Its slogan was:  “Movement towards Indigenously Developed and Secure Technologies”


It was inaugurated by the Defence Minister Husain Dehqan. 12 indigenously produced innovative devices were put on display. About 40 companies from the IT sector took part in this exhibition.


The exhibition was visited by 30 representatives from various ministries and civil and military organizations, as well as a large number from the public.

The Defence Minister appreciated the work of the IT companies who have so far developed 100 indigenously designed innovative products and opined that technological development of the country will lead to the realization of the goals of the revolution and foil the machinations of its enemies.


At this exhibition, 50 memoranda of understanding and agreements were signed between the Defence Ministry and various IT companies of Iran.




27 December 2013


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