‘Collaborating with the mullahs’: Iranian dissidents warn US not to return to the nuclear deal

While Iran announced that it is escalating its nuclear program, despite the Vienna talks aimed at preventing just that, Iranian activists are speaking out to Fox News.

“My message to President Biden, it is that the regime of Iran does not represent the people of Iran,” said Ali, an Iranian activist who, like the others, warns of the consequences of the U.S. dropping sanctions against Iran if it re-enters the Iranian nuclear agreement.

“If the U.S. goes back to the nuclear deal, that’s the same thing would happen as happened back in 2015. Iran, the regime of Iran, is going to gain almost $160 billion and 1.7 billion Euros, and yet it is not going to stop its nuclear actions, and actually they even develop their ballistics and drone military drone programs.”

“You asked what will happen if the United States returns to JCPOA? I say frankly that this will be a tragedy,” says Sima, another activist who says the administration should not even entertain Tehran’s demands about the deal, known officially as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, or JCPOA.

“The message of the U.S.’s return to JCPOA to us, Iranians, is that the U.S. is collaborating with the Mullahs in suppressing and killing the Iranian people and the Mullahs’ crimes against us, that serves the dictatorship and religious fascism. How can ransom be paid to a regime that brutally kills its own people?”

“After the JCPOA deal in 2015, the regime took the cash and spent it on terrorism. Our women in Iran resort to prostitution for a piece of bread,” she says. “Lifting sanctions or giving cash to the regime will only prolong its life, the life of the dictatorship.”

For months, massive protests have spread throughout the country from people calling for the overthrow of the regime, unhappy with government policies that have led to a troubled economy, rationing, and shortages of goods. Reports say thousands of demonstrators have been arrested or killed by regime forces. Fox News is not identifying the activists whom we spoke to for their own safety. But they are united in their opposition to the regime and steadfast in their message to President Biden and the American people.

Source: Fox News

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