Death toll of Iranian terrorist designated IRGC’s warmongering in Yemen

Nearly 15,000 Yemeni Iran-backed Houthi fighters, armed and supported by Iran’s terrorist designated Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), have been killed near the strategic city of Marib since June, in a rare admission of their casualties during the seven-year war.

Yemeni Deputy Justice Minister Faisal al-Majidi said the presence of IRGC and other terrorist militias such as the Hezbollah in Yemen underscores their “dangerous role” in increasing the destructive capabilities of Houthi militias.

“The airstrikes launched by the military coalition and the battles have killed nearly 14,700 Houthis since mid-June near Marib,” an official at the Houthi-run defense ministry said on Thursday.

These casualties do not include the nearly 100 thousand civilians whose lives were lost as a result of Iran’s warmongering in Yemen.

Marib city is the internationally-recognized government’s last major stronghold in Yemen’s oil-rich north, where the government is trying to re-establish peace in Yemen and drive out IRGC forces and commanders who have been smuggling in weapons and funding militias to destabilize the country to establish Iranian hegemony.

The Iran-backed Houthi fighters began a major push to seize the city last year. Day after day, the danger of Houthi summer boot camps for children grows, according to the Yemeni government, which also warned against the Iran-backed militia exploiting tens of thousands of Yemeni minors for plotting future suicide attacks.

The battle was halted multiple times due to negotiations, but the rebels renewed their attacks in February, there was a major assault in June, and an intensified push since September.

The war has led to what the United Nations calls the world’s worst humanitarian crisis. Tens of thousands of people have died and millions have been displaced.

A smuggling network that generates tens of millions of dollars for Iran’s IRGC and the Houthis has been sanctioned this year, including 12 members.

Source: TRT World
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