Detained militia confess Iranian IRGC smuggle weapons to Yemen

Confessions from arrested Houthi militia members have revealed the role of Iranian IRGC in arming them.

Yemeni National Resistance troops detained seven Houthi militia cells on the country’s western coast on August 11, according to spokesperson Brig. Gen. Sadiq Duwaid.

The National Resistance, also known as the Joint Forces, is an elite organization of up to 10,000 former Yemeni Republican Guard and Central Security Organization troops fighting the Houthi militia.

Duwaid added in a tweet that the groups had 35 members who were involved in espionage, terrorist activities, and the transfer of Iranian weaponry into Yemen.

On August 13, national Resistance media released the imprisoned members’ confessions, which shed light on the Houthis’ recruitment procedures, distribution places, and other operational data.

Members of one of the apprehended cells were involved in weapons smuggling operations led by the Iranian IRGC.

They admitted to smuggling Iranian weapons from Bandar Abbas, Iran, to Hodeidah, Yemen, held by the Houthis.

Ali Halali, an al-Khokha local in control of the cell and involved in smuggling weaponry at Hodeidah port, admitted to bribing his relatives in Yemen’s freed areas with substantial sums of money to aid the smuggling operation.

According to Halali, the Houthi militants utilized visits to those relatives as an opportunity to pay over money without raising the suspicions of Yemeni security personnel.

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