Deteriorating Health Of Hossein Maleki & Prosecutor’s Refusal To Approve Hospitalization

Despite dire and deteriorating health of incarcerated blogger Hossein Ronaghi Maleki, Tehran’s Prosecutor General refuses to approve hospitalization.

Hossein Ronaghi Maleki, a human rights activist and blogger active in developing anti-filtering software was arrested December of 2009.

Hossein suffered kidney damage in prison due to torture. He has lost 90% functionality in one kidney and 80% loss of functionality in the other kidney.

Hossein has had seven kidney operations while incarcerated.

Hossein, who was released on July 11, 2012, on a 1 Billion Tomman bail on a much needed medical furlough, was re-arrested among the 34 volunteer aid workers and civil/human rights activists in their Sarand camp.after the earthquake in Azarbaijan

Hossein was violently arrested and suffered beatings at the hands of the arresting agents. He was hit and kicked in his kidneys by the arresting agents causing more damage to his already damaged kidneys.

While in Tabriz prison, he suffered bleeding from his kidneys but was not provided medical treatment, and was transferred to Evin prison in dire health, where he is still deprived of medical treatment.

According to latest reports received by HRANA, Hossein is currently suffering from pain and infected kidneys. In addition to pain and burning sensations during urination, blood clots also now appear in his urine.

The pain in his kidneys that started after his arrest in Sarand has now intensified and he is suffering from swelling of the face and body.

Despite the IRGC’s approval for Hossein to be transferred to a hospital for proper treatment, to this date, Tehran’s Prosecutor General has refused to approve the transfer, putting Hossein’s life if serious danger.

Source: Nedaye Azadi

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