Hezbollah Chief: Security Situation under Full Control in Beirut

Hezbollah Secretary General Seyed Hassan Nasrallah said the security situation is under full control of Lebanese forces days after a wave of suicide attacks across the Arab country, Tasnim News Agency reported.Hezbollah Chief


“The security situation in Lebanon is better than all Third World Arab states, thanks to the efforts of the Lebanese Army, security agencies and the resistance. The security situation is under control and there is no need to panic,” Nasrallah said on Friday in televised speech marking the International Quds Day, The Daily Star reported. Each year, the International Quds Day is held on the last Friday of the holy Muslim month of Ramadan.The event’s raison d’être is renewing support for the Palestinians and fierce denunciation of Israel.Nasrallah further said, “I call on the Lebanese and the region’s peoples to have confidence in the Lebanese security forces, which are working to uncover (terror) cells, leading to a decline in bombings, compared to what happened in Turkey, France, America and other countries.”The Hezbollah chief also praised the “great efforts” made by the Lebanese Army, security forces and the resistance in hunting down militant groups and confronting them on the Lebanese-Syrian border, which led to preventing “dangerous incidents.”Referring to the Lebanese Army’s persistent strikes against militants entrenched on Lebanon’s northeastern border, Nasrallah said, “Had it not been for the Lebanese Army’s great efforts, Lebanon would have been in a much worse situation with this kind of monstrous neighbors.”On June 12, a bomb went off in Beirut outside the headquarters of the Lebanese Blom Bank, inflicting heavy material damage on the area.The attack, which occurred in the upmarket Verdun area in the center of the Lebanese capital, left two people slightly injured.Nearly two weeks later, eight people sustained injuries when three bombers riding motorcycles blew themselves up in the center of the predominantly Christian border village of al-Qaa on June 28.Earlier in the day, five people lost their lives and fifteen others suffered injuries when four bombers targeted the same village. The explosions reportedly struck at 10-minute intervals.
Hezbollah Chief Hezbollah Chief Hezbollah Chief Hezbollah Chief Hezbollah Chief Hezbollah Chief Hezbollah Chief 
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