Iran claims responsibility for region’s security

Iran claims responsibility for region’s security – Iranian parliament speaker, Ali Larijani says that Iran feels responsibility to uphold region’s security.

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Iranian parliament speaker, Ali Larijani: Iran claims responsibility for region’s security

“We feel a responsibility to maintain regional security,” Larijani said while addressing to a meeting of Basij organization in Tehran.

Basij is a conservative volunteer militia that is a branch of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC).

Larijani went on to note that the West is disturbed by Iran’s active role in global issues.

The Iranian speaker also accused western countries and their regional allies of supporting terrorist groups in Afghanistan and Iraq.

“If the US wants to confront terrorism, occupying countries and aerial bombardment will not be a solution,” Larijani said, calling that humiliation of the Muslims by the United States. Earlier Larijani said that the U.S. airstrikes will not destroy the Islamic State (IS) militants in Iraq and Syria. He stressed that the IS not only would not be destroyed by the U.S. airstrikes, but will even be strengthened.

The IS militants have taken several towns since they intensified their attacks in Iraq in mid-June. The group reportedly has been committing crimes in those areas, including the mass execution of civilians as well as army troops and officers.

The IS fighters have been bombarded since Aug. 8 by U.S. air strikes in northern Iraq, allowing Iraqi army and Kurdish Peshmerga forces to claw back a limited amount of lost territory.

Some Kurdish media have underscored the significant role of Iranian forces in fighting against the IS. The media reports say Iranian forces have a decisive presence on the battlefield of the fight.

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