Iran weighs holding its anti-Israel ‘al-Quds Day’ amid pandemic

Iran weighs holding its anti-Israel al-Quds Day amid pandemic
                 Iran weighs holding its anti-Israel al-Quds Day amid pandemic


Iran’s leaders have closed mosques and taken other measures to slow the spread of the coronavirus. As thousands of their countrymen died and almost 100,000 were infected.


However, the leaderships are now facing questions about how it will handle its annual Israel-bashing event called al-Quds Day.


The day is supposed to be held on the last Friday of Ramadan, which this year falls on May 22.


Last year’s al-Quds (Jerusalem) Day, which is centered on the “liberation” of Jerusalem from the “Zionists,”. They hold featured posters and propaganda promising death to Israel.


Iran has adopted the Palestinian cause for decades, using it as part of its overall anti-American and anti-Israel propaganda machine.


The Islamic Republic claims to be part of the “resistance” against Israel. Last year, the regime promised that the Trump administration’s “Deal of the Century” would fail.


Usually, there are mass rallies on al-Quds Day in Tehran and people gather. However, the pandemic has meant there is less desire to have gatherings amid social-distancing guidelines.


According to Fars News in Iran, the head of the “Coordinating Council for Islamic Propaganda” held a meeting to discuss the progress of al-Quds Day this year.


It was attended by officials from the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.  The Interior Ministry and the ministries of Foreign Affairs and Health also attended.


The meeting included discussions of how the anti-Israel event is an “unstoppable occasion”. And that it is a relic of the Islamic Revolution. But its manner of display this year, including gatherings, will be contingent on the coronavirus spread.


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