Iranian and Pakistani forces use Balochistan borders for drug trafficking

The Revolutionary Guards of Iran are transporting narcotics from the borders of Balochistan to Saravan under the pretext national security visit to the region.

The ‘Rasad Balochistan (Balochistan Observatory) in an exclusive reported that Colonel Ahmad Maldar, the commander of the Revolutionary Guards in Saravan, is using his subordinates and forces to transport drugs from the borders of Balochistan to Saravan.

The report further claimed that after the transfer of Colonel Pudineh and his replacement with Colonel Maldar as the commander of the Saravan Corps, vehicles go to the border areas and crossings every day under the pretext of national security missions.

According to the ‘Rasad Balochistan,’ its sources say that IRGC Saravan several vehicle cross border of Jaleq and Kallagan on daily basis under the pretext of security mission and transport drugs to the Saravan city in Iranian Occupied Balochistan (IOB).

According to a source who did not want to be identified for obvious reasons, the IRGC receives millions of Toman in bribe for transporting drugs from the zero border points to Saravan city, which is done with the direct coordination of the head of the Saravan IRGC commander.

The subordinates for their cooperation with the IRGC commander only receive goods such as rice and oil.

After closing the borders of Balochistan and stranding the border crossings, the Revolutionary Guards easily transport drugs.

The IRGC’s “Razzaq plan,” which was implemented to ‘regulate’ the Baluch fuel couriers’ has been forgotten in less than two months and the border of Balochistan have been completely shut to the Baloch people.

However, the IRGC and its forces are now using the Balochistan border as their narcotic transportation business.

It is pertinent to remember that in February 2021 the IRGC had shot dead and wounded at least 37 Baloch fuel traders who had gathered to protest the border closer.

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