Iranian IRGC officer aiding Assad killed in Syria

On Monday night, an Islamic Republic news agency reported the death of an Iranian IRGC commander in Syria.

According to Iran’s state-run media, General Abolfazl Alijani was assassinated while serving as a “military counselor” in the country, and he was from the central city of Esfahan.

According to analysts, the Iranian IRGC is leveraging Russia’s focus on the military campaign in Ukraine to increase its influence in Syria.

Following the retreat of pro-Russian factions, the Iranian IRGC militia has recently spread to several scattered vital places throughout the country.

For concern of Israeli targeting operations, these manoeuvres comprised redeployment and repositioning operations.

Iran, a close friend of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, has been strongly involved in the conflict in Syria since it began in 2011, deploying hundreds of Iranian and international militants to support the Syrian regime.

The Islamic Republic of Iran and the Syrian Arab Republic are close strategic allies, and Iran has provided significant support for the Syrian government in the Syrian civil war, including logistical, technical, and financial support, as well as training and some combat troops. Iran sees the survival of the Syrian government as being crucial to its regional interests.

Iran-backed militias armed, trained, and funded by the IRGC have begun to implement a plan to force local residents out of certain areas and replace them with the families of militiamen.

Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) is using the Fatemiyoun Division to implement a plan of demographic change in parts of Syria, displacing local residents and settling militiamen and their families in their place.

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