Iran’s Rising Trend of Executions Indicates Further Human Rights Violations

The National Council of Resistance of Iran has reported that the Iranian regime has yet again added more executions to their longstanding trend of carrying out the highest rate of executions per capita across the world.

Just three days after Ebrahim Raisi was inaugurated as the regime’s new president on August 8, the clerical regime carried out nine executions at three prison facilities across Iran. With the latest hanging that took place on Monday, the total number of deaths has reached 22 for the month of August alone. This now takes the year-to-date total to over 200.

The NCRI said, “At times, the regime’s judiciary has delayed the implementation of death sentences or even publicly vowed to re-examine politically motivated cases under intense international pressure. But in almost every case, the regime proceeds with the pre-determined punishment soon after the outcry has died down.”

According to the regime’s supposed human rights official, if international human rights principles are not in line with a country’s own laws, or in this case the regime’s harsh interpretation of Shiite Islam, they are not required to adhere to them.

Many activists have suggested that the continued acceleration of the pace of executions recently is a result of the emerging influence of the regime’s new president, Ebrahim Raisi.

The NCRI said, “Ebrahim Raisi was selected to that position on June 18 following by Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, the ultimate authority in the regime. But the vast majority of the population boycotted the sham election in protest over Raisi’s more than 30-year history of severe human rights abuses.”

Raisi became a major figure in the Tehran ‘death commission’ in the summer of 1988, where he oversaw the massacre of around 30,000 political prisoners. In recent years, he has played a leading role in the crackdown of protests nationwide. Most notably, the November 2019 uprising saw the murders of 1,500 protests over the course of a few days. Thousands of other victims were tortured over a number of months.

Source: Iran Focus

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