IRGC boasts of supplying missiles to Syria, Hezbollah

IRGC boasts of supplying missiles to Syria, Hezbollah – The Iranian regime’s Revolutionary Guard (IRGC) has boasted of how it has supplied Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad and Lebanese Hezbollah with missile systems.


Brigadier General Hajizadeh, commander of IRGC‘s aerospace section told the regime’s Fars news agency: “The factories that manufacture missiles in Syria are built by Iran and the missiles designed by Iran are being manufactured there.

“Syria’s missile industry factories have been transferred there from Iran.

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IRGC boasts of supplying missiles to Syria, Hezbollah

“Even the Resistance Front has been taught how to build missiles by Iran. The Lebanese Hezbollah and the Palestine resistance have become quite expert in this field and now missiles are everywhere.”

Hajizadeh added: “Our first missiles capable of targeting Israel had a range of no more than 1100km. These were completed in several stages and now we manufacture Sejjil missiles that are multistage-solid-fuel missiles with a range of 2000km that are now deployed and abundant in our units.

“We have Hormoz-1 and Hormoz-2 missiles as well. Each of them has its own specifications and they can hit vessels, battleships and cruisers at long distances.”

Hajizadeh said all these projects were implemented through the ‘prodding and encouragement’ by the Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei himself and that it was the ‘wisdom of His Excellency that we build missiles with pinpoint accuracy’.

The Iranian regime’s export of missiles and related technology to other countries is in clear violation of UN Security Council resolutions banning the activity.

But the policy of appeasement by the Western countries has emboldened the Iranian regime to violate UN resolutions and international laws and conventions.

At a time when the regime is at an impasse in the nuclear negotiations, has received a damaging blow in the removal of Nouri al-Maliki in Iraq, and is tainted and detested in the Arab and Islamic World for its crimes in Syria, Iran is attempting to avert the adoption of tougher Western action through hollow muscle-flexing and by threatening the international community.


Source: NCR – IRGC boasts of supplying missiles to Syria, Hezbollah

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