If the US wants undermine Iran’s security, no one will have security

Rear Admiral Ali Fadavi said, “The likelihood of a confrontation (between Iran and the West) depends on the level of Western foolishness. He added that the US is presently focused on economic pressure and sanctions against Iran, while “We are ready to encounter any situation, including a military option.” Fadavi emphasized that Iran is fully capable of closing the Strait of Hormuz, stressing that security will be maintained as long as Iran’s “vital interests and national security” are respected. He warned that if the United States seeks to undermine Iran’s security, “no one will have security.” In this regard, Fadavi said if the US fails to heed IRGC warnings in the Persian Gulf, it will face very bad consequences. Referring to the IRGCN presence in international waters, Fadavi said that special units of the IRGC Navy are escorting all Iranian vessels across the world to prevent any hostile action against them, adding that IRGCN will increase its presence in international waters.

Source: Iran Daily Brief

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