Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Protest at Tehran’s Amirkabir University draws hundreds


GVF — A large number of students at Tehran’s Amirkabir University of Technology have successfully staged protests against university policies, according to reports.

According to opposition website Daneshjoo news, hundreds of students gathered on campus on Tuesday to demand an end to the “illegal” actions and policies of university officials. The show of protest was organised primarily by the university’s students’ guild association.

On Monday, AUT students distributed flyers calling on fellow classmates to join Tuesday’s demonstration. The statement said the “threats issued against students and the university officials’ resort to completely illegal tactics,” had led the students to organise a strike, which was in their eyes, “in full accordance with the law.”

The statement also demanded action against “illegal acts on campus” and urged officials to join the students and to hear their pleas in person. The students also requested that university officials submit a full report of measures taken to curb “illegal” acts to the student bodies.

Fearing a massive turnout, since yesterday university officials barred a number of student activities and union members from entering campus. In recent days, security had been engaged in issuing threats to students with the aim of intimidating those likely to join the strike. This, despite the fact that the gathering was in full accordance with the Science Ministry’s own regulation.




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