Iran identifies perpetrators as it probes scientist’s killing

Iran identifies perpetrators as it probes scientist’s killing
Iran identifies perpetrators as it probes scientist’s killing



The spokesman for the Iranian government, Ali Rabiei, said the country’s Intelligence Ministry has identified those involved in the assassination of its prominent nuclear and missile technology expert, Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, who was gunned down east of the capital iran, Tehran, on Nov. 27.


Rabiei told Iran’s state TV that an investigation into all aspects of the incident is underway, after which Tehran “will work out reciprocation.”


The spokesman did not reveal further details on those individuals or a possible foreign state linked to the attack.


But Iranian officials have from the outset pointed the finger of blame toward Israel, which has not yet confirmed nor denied the allegation, adhering to its typical style in the aftermath of other assassinations targeting a number of Iranian nuclear scientists since 2010.


During a 2012 investigation into some of those killings, Iran arrested over a dozen of its own nationals and sentenced several of them to death before broadcasting their confessions.


All but one of the other detainees, who endured months of detention, were released; intelligence officials issued no public statements at the time as to whether the original claims had been false.


Seven years later, one of those detainees, Maziar Ebrahimi, spoke out in exile, recounting horrifying details of how he and others made confessions under duress about links to Israeli spy agencies and were forced to read out fabricated stories of how they carried out the assassinations.


In reaction to the revelation, the Intelligence Ministry admitted to the faulty nature of the investigations but said the detainees had been paid compensation.


Embarrassing enough for its high-profile nature and the security breaches it revealed, the Nov. 27 attack has put immense pressure on Iran’s security apparatus.


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