Iran State-Media Reflect Mullahs’ Utter Fear of Major Protests


In recent days, in reaction to series of international and domestic developments, the Iranian regime’s state-run media outlets are warning about looming uprising, reflect the regime’s utter fear.  


These media outlets have reacted to the following issues:  


  1. The coronavirus outbreakits rising death toll, and effect on the restive Iranian society. 
  2. The regime’s deceptive economic plan, or so-called “economic relief,” which is nothing but selling oil to the people. And the subsequent decrease of Iran’s stock market rate.  

COVID-19 outbreak   


The People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) announced on Tuesday that over 90,700 people have lost their lives due to the novel coronavirus. 


The regime’s cover-up and intentional inaction since the beginning of this pandemic, then forcing people back to work, have increased the death and infection rate.


Now fearing their mismanagement of the crisis would trigger a new series of the major Iran protests, like the one in November that rattled the regime’s foundations, some of the regime’s officials and state media are acknowledging some parts of this crisis and warning of its outcome.  


In this regard, the state-run Setareh Sobh (Morning Star), quoting Reza Malekzadeh the regime’s Deputy Health Minister, wrote: The government wants to return the situation to normal by setting health protocols, but it is ignorant of the fact that 26 provinces of the country are currently red or on alert. Reflect


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According to experts, the speed and power of the virus transmission in the second wave has increased three to nine times. At the same time, the medical staff and medical equipment are worn out and are not able to withstand the third wave of the outbreak that will come in autumn and winter. Holding mourning ceremonies and reopening schools and universities creates serious crises in spreading the virus. If these ceremonies and reopening occur, we will see the alarming outbreak of Coronavirus in the fall.”  
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