Iran: Two Brothers Killed By IRGC In NW

Two brothers were shot and killed in a village road near Piranshahr yesterday, northwestern Iran when Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) forces opened fire on a car without warning.


According to the Hengaw Organization, the two men killed in the car were identified as Abdollah and Osman Naderi. Their bodies were transferred to Piranshahr.


Abdollah and Osman’s parents, as well as many other relatives, were also detained without any warrant.


The state-run IRIB website claimed the two brothers were “terrorists”, wanting to carry out an “assassination” and were being monitored by the Guards.


The website said the two men had guns and grenades with them. This is while according to local reports, the two men were unarmed and the regime is spreading the “terrorism” charges to prevent locals from protesting their death.


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This is not an isolated case. Iran’s state forces carry out arbitrary shootings without any legal implications and with impunity. In February alone, there were four cases of arbitrary killing by the regime’s police or security forces. Last week, two men in Sardasht northwestern Iran were shot and killed by security forces yesterday. The two men were dodging bullets when they fell off the cliff and drowned in a river. A Kurdistan news website said the two men were identified as Abubakr Mohammadi, 36-years-old, and Eskandar Mohammad, 35-years-old. Abubakr was married and father to one child and Mohammad was a married father of two.  On February 13, Iranian security forces shot and killed a man and injured another in the impoverished Sistan and Baluchestan province in southeastern Iran. According to the report by the Baloch Campaign website, anti-narcotics agents in Sistan and Baluchestan shot at Qasem Arzi Zehi’s car without initial warning. His car overturned leading to his death.
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