Iranian IRGC assassination campaign to control south Syria

According to Syrian activists, the Iranian IRGC has been methodically assassinating everyone who opposes its expansion in Syria’s Daraa province. This is part of Iran’s continuous efforts to take over the southern portion of the nation.

They said that prominent individuals have been assassinated in the southern region that borders Jordan, and that Iranian-rejecting villages and towns have been bombarded or are under siege.

According to Daraa activist Jumaa al-Masalmeh, there have been significant militia movements and activity over the past several months including Brigade 313, the al-Hadi Battalion, the al-Ghaith Forces, the 4th Division of the Syrian regime, and Liwa Usud al-Iraq.

He said that a worrying new development was the arrival of Fatemiyoun Division fighters near the town of Daraa al-Balad, where more than 350 Afghan gunmen were being supervised by Iranian officials.

According to Syrian attorney Bashir al-Bassam, “it has become evident that the Iranian IRGC has set its eyes on gaining control of the whole southern Syria region, especially given the diminishing of the Russian influence due to the Ukrainian war.” On February 24, Russia invaded Ukraine.

He informed that military and security units connected to the Syrian regime are helping the Iranian IRGC in this respect.

He pointed out that by looking at recent events, it is clear that Iran has been encroaching on Daraa province ever since it entered the conflict in 2014.

Nizar Bou Ali, an activist based in Sweida, says that “Iran is employing all means to strengthen its influence in southern Syria.”

It is “playing on the sectarian hostility between Sweida and Daraa regions, where kidnappings for ransom are common and many cases have resulted in death because the families were unable to pay the ransom,” according to the report.

The gangs responsible for these crimes eventually came to understand that they are “financed and protected by the IRGC and get direct commands from it,” he claimed.

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