Iranian IRGC manufacturing stealth speedboat alerts Gulf nations

Alireza Tangsiri, the current commander of the Iranian IRGC Navy, said during a military festival held close to Bandar Abbas in the Hormozgan region that Iran’s most recent speedboats are now outfitted with stealth equipment to elude radars.

According to Tangsiri, the Iranian IRGC (Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps) Naval Force is outfitted with weapons systems to combat outside threats, such as tanks, amphibious tanks, and drones.

The new ship was described in an article by H.I. Sutton at USNI News; it looks to be in the building phase. Sutton also writes at the website Covert Shores where he is an expert on naval issues.

Satellite imaging has revealed that a new warship is being built in Iran, the story claims. The mystery catamaran has a clean-angled design that makes it look stealthier than earlier varieties and might be a missile boat, according to the description.

The Iranian IRGC has launched several vessels of similar type before. Another catamaran-style craft, measuring 65 meters (213 feet), was launched in July, according to Sutton. Additionally, it had a large, covert design. On the island of Qeshm, a shipyard is where this present warship is being constructed. The photographs show the presence of other boats.

United Arab Emirates media picked up on the new Iranian stealth shipbuilding and ran with the news. This demonstrates the significance of the new ship to the Gulf governments worried about Iran destabilizing the territory.

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