Iranian IRGC smuggling cultural antiquities to fund regional terrorism

Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) terrorist designated armed forces have become the central power of the smuggling mafia in the region, from smuggling drugs and fuel to weapons and antiques.

The presence of IRGC terrorist forces in the Middle East, from Syria and Iraq to Yemen and now Afghanistan, has led the terrorist force to expand its smuggling activities and use the proceeds to fund and spread terrorism in the Middle East.

As Iraqi cultural heritage experts clearly point out, terrorist groups affiliated with the Islamic Republic of Iran are involved in the smuggling of antiques in Iraq.

Euronews has published a report on the smuggling of antiques by groups supported by the IRGC terrorist forces, quoting Iraqi experts; The city of Amara, near the Iranian border, has become a hotbed of Iraqi historical artifacts, and Iraqi officials say the smuggling money goes to organized crime networks and terrorist groups affiliated with the Islamic Republic and IRGC.

Mojtaba Falahati Marvast, an archaeologist and former cultural heritage expert at the Kish Island Free Zone Organization, while pointing out that the IRGC’s presence in antiquities theft and smuggling projects in Iran has been raised many times, added; Direct theft from archeological excavation sites and museums, as well as smuggling of historical objects abroad and selling them to Gulf countries, are among the activities of this mafia terrorist organization to earn money through the illegal smuggle of antiques.

With the Taliban terrorist group taking control of Afghanistan, one of the group’s main sources of funding will certainly be the sale of historical artifacts and monuments, and the IRGC terrorist organization, which has had good and extensive relations with the Taliban for the past several years, will play an important role in smuggling Afghanistan’s cultural heritage out of the country.

Source: AvaToday
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