Iranian proxy in Iraq targets US bases

Iranian proxy in Iraq targets the United States bases
Iranian proxy in Iraq targets US bases



In a recently published video, the Iranian-backed front League of the Revolutionaries (LoR) claimed responsibility for recent attacks including the crash of an American C-130 military cargo plane and several rocket attacks against American-led coalition bases in Iraq.


The LoR publication begins by claiming the group was responsible for a June 8 Camp Taji crash of an American C-130 which led to the injury of 4 aboard including a Wyoming Air National Guard member.


A night time recording of the incident shows two rockets being launched towards the Camp Taji runway.


“The bombing of the runway at the Taji base at the time of the landing of a Lockheed C-130 which led to the plane crashing and causing a great loss to the enemy,” the LoR statement read.


The Associated Press has quoted US officials as downplaying any link to hostile activity, but added that they were “investigating” the incident.


Furthermore, LoR claims it was able to position a drone over Camp Taji to monitor movements of the “enemy” before the attack occurred. It’s not the first time LoR has claimed to position a drone over an American-led coalition base.


As previously detailed in FDD’s Long War Journal, LoR published several videos of its commercial drones monitoring the American Embassy in Baghdad and Ayn al Asad Airbase.


This is also not the first rocket strike on Camp Taji claimed by LoR. In March, 2 US personnel and one UK soldier were killed in a rocket barrage on the base.


Not long after, LoR emerged to take credit for the strike, beginning its campaign against Coalition troops in Iraq.


The publication goes on to claim responsibility for a June 11 attack against the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad.


Similar to the previous videos of the Camp Taji attack, a night time recording of a rocket launch adjacent to a road is depicted.  b



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