Iran’s regime further digs its hands into the people’s pockets

Iran’s regime further digs its hands into the people’s pockets
                           Iran’s regime further digs its hands into the people’s pockets




The growing shortage and expenses of vital goods has put an immense pressure on the Iranian people. Product, especially items monopolized by the government, are becoming more expensive every day. After the price hike of water, electricity, houses, train tickets, cars etc.


The price of bread has risen. Fars News Agency, affiliated with the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC), announced a 40-50 percent rise to the price of bread but put the blame on the bakers union.  Also, the price of fruit has risen dramatically, to the point that even the middle class is unable to purchase adequate amounts. Iranian regime


Iranian regime president Hassan Rouhani acknowledged on Sunday, June 14, the people’s financial problems and rising prices, but like other regime officials and institutions, blamed the people themselves and said: “Failure to deal with price increases is not accepted at all … Some intermediaries increase the price of housing by disrupting the market.” Iranian regime


As always, he spoke in vague terms, refraining from naming names, because it would lead back to regime officials themselves. Iranian regime


Mounting prices have made it difficult for many people to buy goods. But Rouhani despicably claimed: “Fortunately, the dear people of our country have experienced the least difficulty in procuring the products they need.”


This is while rising prices is a known tactic of the regime to loot the people. Reflecting on the dramatic rise in fruit prices provides a glimpse of how the regime uses price fluctuations to plunder the people and cover the government’s budget deficit.


The state-run television broadcasted a report on June 13 about how fruits that are sold in the market at 400,000 rials per kilogram are bought from farmers at 50,000 rials per kilogram. This amount does not in any way compensate the expenses incurred by farmers and is only results in losses.


In several cases, protesting the regime’s destructive policies, farmers have poured and destroyed their own products on the road or in front of the headquarters of regime institutions. On social media, heartbreaking videos show angry agricultures destroy their crops in frustration and despair at the regime’s destructive policies.





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