Iran’s Domestic Woes in the Light of U.S. Pressure

Iran’s Domestic Woes in the Light of U.S. Pressure
        Iran’s Domestic Woes in the Light of U.S. Pressure



Even without the recent signing of a normalization deal between the UAE, Israel, and Bahrain, the dynamics of the contentious relationship between the U.S and Iran are growing more severe, and Iran is facing significant challenges to its strategic success in the region. U.S


The country is still adjusting in the wake of the United States’ assassination of Quds Force leader Qasem Soleimani early this year, which represents one of the biggest security challenges facing Iran in recent times.


The scale of the theater of strategic operations in which Soleimani moved, the volume of military dossiers he oversaw, and the number of armed groups and militias he directed indicate his past importance to Iranian strategic efforts. Soleimani has therefore left Ismail Qaani (nicknamed General al-Shami), the new head of the Quds Force, with big shoes to fill.


Qadiani has faced difficult security conditions in the recent past, and he needs to maintain Iran’s strategic successes—especially in Iraq, Syria, Yemen, and Lebanon—with the same capability that Soleimani possessed.


This kind of success is becoming increasingly important to Qaani as Iran struggles internally with the coronavirus pandemic and economic and trade sanctions. U.S


In addition, the peace agreements between the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain with Israel on one hand and the peace talks between the Taliban and the Afghan government on the other have constituted a viable American strategy to surround Iran with a “peace belt” containing Iran within its borders.


At least until the end of the Trump presidency, Qaani believes protecting the Iranian strategic project is supremely important in the face of these hostile developments.


The road ahead for Iranian foreign policy is fraught with difficulties.


As Iran continues to pursue influence abroad, especially among Shia populations in Arab states, the United States has striven to dampen that influence and coerce Iran into changing its expansionist behavior.


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