Iran’s Mullahs Clutching at Straws in Deal With China

Iran’s Mullahs Clutching at Straws in Deal With China
     Iran’s Mullahs Clutching at Straws in Deal With China



In a new article for United Press Internationalformer European lawmaker Struan Stevenson addresses the issue of the mullahs’ agreement with China – the agreement that the Iranian regime has entered in order to survive and save itself from absolute bankruptcy.


However, this agreement, even if it goes through its full process, cannot save this regime from drowning. Other points in this article relate to the crisis of the coronavirus outbreak in Iran and the criminal policy of the regime in this regard and the dire situation of the collapsing economy. 


Fighting for survival, the theocratic dictatorship in Iran is now trying to negotiate a $400 billion bailout from China.


As the Iranian economy tumbles and the Rial, Iran’s currency, implodes, Mohammad Javad Zarifthe regime’s hapless foreign minister, boasted to the parliament in Tehran this month that he was confident of the outcome of negotiations with Beijing.


The irony is surely lost on no-one when a fundamentalist Islamic regime begins negotiating a 25-year ‘strategic partnership’ with a communist state that has imprisoned over one million Uighur Muslims in ‘so-called’ re-education camps and even jailed some for growing beards!


Not since Hitler’s pact with Stalin in 1939 have two such diametrically opposed ideologies sought to work together. It is the clearest sign yet of the collapsing mullahs’ regime clutching at straws.


The autocratic Chinese government will be more than happy to hold its nose where a major business deal is at stake.


Their disapproval of radical Islam and Muslims in general will be temporarily put on ice as they arrange a quarter century’s worth of discounted oil and gas imports and lucrative engineering and telecommunication contracts.


As rapidly as Huawei is being dismantled and kicked out of America and Europe, it will be re-established in Iran.


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